Opportunities in Asia are knocking to doors every day but it has to be your door… and then you must respond with an immediate exciting road map solution involving only Organisations and Individuals that you trust. Here is our way to respond when a massive ERP retail Project in Thailand needs “now” a Change Management partner

This exciting venture seems coming out straight from Wonderland but the unseen part of it is years of trusted relationships between global Professionals who breathe and think the Asia way.

Team up, do less, achieve more is the mantra that all business owners should follow if they want to grow. 

email about retail change management

The opportunity knocked at the Lean Hub Asia’s Founder door mid year 2013 while he was in a Business Development trip in Australia. A short e-mail (above) explained to him that Lean Hub Asia support was considered as a short listed candidate to set-up a Change Management partnership with a global tier one ERP retail software implementer in  Thailand and that a presentation to the Client for the massive entire project including the Change Management strategy was scheduled less than 2 weeks away in Bangkok…

Our immediate response was the following 3 steps approach:

  • Step 1: define a fast & credible plug-in model to close the identified gaps. 2 things were missing: a credible Organisation who understood ERP software and who could host top Specialist Consultants (bilingual Thai- English) in Change Management within an IT environment. We selected Laconic Technology Co Ltd a BOI privileged Thai company with an enormous amount of practical ERP implementation experience within the complex SME Manufacturing sector and an initial task force of 5 Thai Experts were added to the team to reinforce further the Retail sector competence.
  • Step 2: integrate step 1 into the main ERP retail software proposal presentation showing how the added Change Management component would support effectively the entire Human interface of the Project where Client users are thrown out of their comfort zone with a new IT interface to be learnt and used fast.
  • Step 3: gather key Market & company Culture Intelligence data on the Client, deliver the entire proposal to their C level team as “one voice” and answer face to face to a wide range of challenging questions

With several decades of combined global experience 3 Senior Members of Lean Hub Asia platform were able in a few days to set up a very professional solution combining our in depth knowledge of Human Resources Development and Information Technology.

We gave it our best shot involving very pro-actively all relevant stakeholders and obviously made some positive impression

We gave it our best shot involving a very professional & pro-active team and obviously made some positive impression to the Client decision making team. However another short listed local Change Management firm was awarded the job; we found out later through better lobbying than us who came out very late in the race…

Facing Big Challenges with a Confident Smile

The story obviously does not stop here; after a few months it became clear to the Client that the selected Change Management firm was unable to perform as expected so we were called back for an updated reference check and resource screening. 2 weeks later we were officially “in” but now facing an even greater challenge as we had to catch up very quickly with what was not delivered by the previous firm to meet very aggressive milestones During the first few months our appointed Project Director as well Owner of MICON an Asia based Lean 6sigma Consulting firm lead together with his team of Specialists a fantastic project recovery through:

  • Change Management fast introduction: Components, strategy key objectives, approach, key activities
    Download PDF
  • A part time Senior Consultant / Advisor who was appointed to be our direct feedback contact from Client C level. Any gap or concern even at very early stage was immediately reported for immediate corrective action design and implementation
  • Our delivery team of 4 very experienced Thai Consultants were a female/male mix which allowed a different problem solving styles
  • Maintaining “in real time” an < internal customer > relationship with the ERP retail software implementer; our role is to make sure that the Client users can smoothly move to their new IT platform and reap benefits as fast as possible
  • Synchronise Project schedule with Client Business seasonality. During peak sales most staff will have to be focused on performing their routine job (using the existing limited ERP system) hence will have less time to learn and adjust to the new platform; our team will then adjust interaction accordingly including focus on training material preparation

Above concepts are applicable for any kind of high pressure Project and related to any Industry. A delicate balance between tangible/measurable results in real time and sustainable change delivering expected Return on Investment is where our team is bringing real value…

Our four fundamentals you can use to be successful:

  1. Focus permanently on what you want and not on issues you may face to get it.
  2. Team up only with successful and positive thinking Individuals and Organisations.
  3. Have a strong willingness to learn new things, dare to change and feel good about it.
  4. When processing new information accept that it will take time to become competent

Lean Hub Asia Group tag line < Team up, do less, achieve more > and never give up attitude through challenges is allowing us to gain a great recognition from all stakeholders and someone will knock again to our Asian door very soon!

For a Sustainable Profitability Transformation:

  • E-mail Lean Hub Asia with your Organization Vision challenges using only 3 bullet points!
  • Within 48 hours we will come back to you with schedule proposal for a Skype call or face to face discussion (we host a coffee)
  • Get then our preliminary assessment & road map overview within 3 working days 
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