A world’s leading FMCG manufacturer wanted to setup a new plant in India which was going to be their important global source for one of their product streams. One of our platform top Expert UMAS from India led very successfully this Green Field project to do process mapping, work measurement, line balancing, facility layout planning and ergonomic work station design followed by prove out for all the product variants.

UMAS adopted various Lean and Industrial Engineering tools to setup this world class facility. Safety, Ergonomics, Quality and Productivity at work place were centerpiece of the layout. Facility was laid out with 4 lines for various product variants, each running at a TAKT time of 20 seconds.

UMAS was deeply involved in INBOUND supply chain design, planning and implementation along with finished goods warehouse design. This new facility got the BEST FACILITY LAYOUT PLANNING award in the group and became a role model for future Lean facility setups.

This facility was designed to be more than 40% productive as compared to other such facilities of the client across the globe.

Project background

Client is one of the world’s leading FMCG company with more than 50 directly owned / contractor plants in India. Objective was to ergonomically design facility and work station layout so as to maximise safety, quality and productivity at work place


  • Work measurement, assembly line balancing
  • Establish ergonomics and work station layout guidelines
  • Anthropometric data collection
  • Statistical analysis of anthropometric data
  • Ergonomically designed work station layout
  • Supply chain and material flow analysis

Ergonomics checklist

  • Consider Work Height
  • Consider Size of Grab Area
  • Optimize Parts Container Layout
  • No Work Above Heart
  • Consider Fields of Vision
  • Match Light Intensity to Work Task
  • Properly Adjust Work Equipment to Task

Work station guideline

UMAS slide rev2

Work station design