“Green Technology for everyone”. A Green City builds off the principles of living within the means of the environment. The ultimate goal of a Green City is to eliminate solid, liquid and gas waste, to produce energy through renewable sources, to enhance energy independence, and to incorporate the environment into the City. Green-cities stimulate economic growth through higher efficiency, reduce poverty and improve our health.

Our platform Chinese & US Leaders can design and implement with you EPC+F Green Tech solutions

Waste Management

RDF, SRF, MSW, Waste-to-Energy (WTE), landfill recovery, incineration

Leading edge technology for solid waste treatment including

Waste-To- Energy tech of Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) or solid recovered fuel/ specified recovered fuel (SRF) which generates fuel by shredding and dehydrating solid waste (MSW) with a Waste converter technology.

Waste-To-Energy (WTE) for biogas, biomass, thermal boiler power, plastic/fuel to biodiesel, biochar, electricity and syngas.

For municipalities that needs from basic support, we have equipment for collection, transportation and disposal. Many municipalities opted for landfill for disposal but the environmental problems of landfill sites have raised more concerns. We offer landfill recovery technology and services – we dig out the landfill sites, recover the land and re-sale the garbage. In some countries where incineration is permitted, we offer high quality incinerators with secondary emission within relevant standards

Medical Solid Waste Incinerator

Advanced Medical Waste Incinerator were developed on the basis of Japanese technology that has incorporated advantages of similar equipment both at home and abroad. Chinese suppliers have re-produced this technology at affordable cost. It features unique and advanced merits with compact size, high combustion efficiency and high degree of secondary pollution protection. It is an ideal choice for waste treatment of hospitals, hotels and various producers of hazardous waste.

Main features:

  • Gasified pyrolysis incineration is used for burning many kinds of waste.
  • Waste can be burned once everyday by gasified incineration.
  • Gasified incineration, mixed incineration and burnout treatment ensures low emission standard of dust & dioxin
  • Totally enclosed operation is suitable for treating infectious waste to avoid secondary pollution.
  • Compact structure and small land occupation.


Municipal sewage treatment is the guardian of present and future urban water conservation. It becomes a top priority to build sewage treatment facilities as key elements of urban infrastructure.

For water treatment systems, we offer Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment equipment which is the most advanced and effective desalting technology for physical separation with macromolecule membrane

Sewage sludge is the growing secondary pollution

In parallel to the high degree of improvement in sewage treatment facilities there has been significant increased generation of sewage sludge which is called secondary pollution. We have a well- developed sewage sludge treatment process “A2/O method” which is a treatment process using fermentation and aerobic composting of sludge.

Heavy Metal

With increased modernisation and urbanisation, industrial contamination has become a major source of pollution. The main identified agents are: benzene, phenols, phosphorus, arsenic and cadmium, lead, chromium, mercury and other heavy metals who contaminate the air, water and soil and a proven cause of human cancer. Heavy metal pollution of the atmosphere will eventually return to the soil, causing soil contamination and leach into the water table. We offer molecule bonding technology, an environmental friendly chemical treatment remedy to treat heavy metal contaminated land.

Energy Efficiency

Solar Power

Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy that requires very little maintenance and reoccurring cost. Solar power is using various components to convert energy directly into electricity or store it in batteries for later use. Our equipment mainly includes: solar Photo Voltaic (PV) panels, controller, batteries, inverters and other components. Among them: solar panels and batteries for power supply, controllers and inverters for control and protection and load terminals. Our Vendors are well qualified for building solar stations globally. In recent years, our focus has also expanded to integrating solar power to other green infrastructure such as waste management, airport construction and street light projects.

Thermal Power

Thermal power stations design is directly linked to the type of fossil fuel resource used to heat the water. The design that our Vendors provide is called “energy centres” converting various forms of heat energy into electrical energy.

Micro Hydro

Micro hydro is a type of hydroelectric power that typically produce up to 100 kW of electricity using the natural flow of water. These installations can provide power to isolated home or small community, or are sometimes connected to the main power grid. There are many of these installations around the world, particularly in developing nations as they can provide an economical source of energy without the purchase of fuel. Micro hydro systems complement Photo Voltaic (PV) solar energy systems because in many areas, water flow, and thus available hydro power, is highest in the winter when solar energy is at a minimum.


Wind turbines produce electrical power, windmills provide mechanical power, wind pumps is used for water pumping or drainage. Our Vendors can also build large wind farms that consist of hundreds of individual wind turbines which are connected to the main power grid.

150W to 100KW wind turbine generator: Low speed permanent magnet generator, Low starting torque, High generating efficiency, Designed for minimal maintenance and CE approved

2KW to 30KW wind turbine generator. Our hit products of wind generator systems are becoming popular around the world, on-grid and off-grid.

Our advanced magnetic saturation system enhances wind turbine protection function to avoid being damaged by typhoon

Building efficiency

Green building retrofits/energy saving are leading to lower utility cost and improve building residents environment. Buidling owners and operators are encouraged to meet their sustainable operations goals and reduce adverse impacts of their buildings on the environment and residents health over the entire building life cycle. Our Vendors and partners provide the following to our international clients to upgrade their buildings following the GREEN and SAFE guidelines

EMS (Energy Management System) is a key component in our proposal for shopping complexes and Office buildings to achieve energy saving. A centralised EMS allows on-line energy data collection, calculation, analysis and treatment in order to achieve: energy balance, adjustment and optimisation, operation and management of equipment used