Our platform expertise is to deliver measurable Human Resource Development solutions fast and with very a short payback time while taking into account the variety of Asia cultural background. We position ourselves as outsourced Corporate Service Executives accountable to the Director – Owner of the entire Organisation. By collaborating with the ultimate decision maker, reporting to him and relaying his vision to his staff at all level, our team has an active role in improving the overall functionality and sustainability of the Business “the lean way”.

Our Social Enterprise model focus on goal setting, closing gaps between “as is” and “to be” process and stretch Organizations entire workforce “the middle way”.

Our platform is covering a wide range of Lean related topics and develop Organisations through three complementary Development methods

1. Formal Training

In house

In-house training is a training program developed exclusively for the organisation in which they are used and some of the benefits of those training “workshops” are:

  • Savings on travel, lodging, meals and other miscellaneous costs.
  • Customisation to the specific needs of the Organisation
  • Opportunity for follow-up (face to face and via the web) after training

Public seminar and workshop

It gives to Organisations an opportunity to benchmark best practices with non competitive Industries and network with complementary stakeholders Lean Hub Asia Experts are regularly invited as seminar and workshop guest Speakers by Regional training Organizations on relevant topics to our competences and our delivery format is always linked to case studies and Delegates active involvement

2. External feedback  

Our external feedback initial approach is to guide your Organisation in self rating against specific criteria highlighted in a Management Award relevant to your Industry We are using Radar Chart showing for categorized indicators the gap between self rating and Business importance and as well cross and within Industries “Best in Class” benchmarking to position your Lean Journey progress against a challenging goal

3. On the job

On the job (OTJ) training occurs at the place of work while and employee or a team are performing their actual job. Our professional trainer together with your in-house Senior Staff serve as the course instructor using hands-on methods often supported by formal classroom training  Lean Hub Asia Experts always combines OJT with tangible improvements that we are initiating in a pilot area. Once benefits are internalised and fully taken over we support the successful pilot rollover across the entire Organisation. In many cases hidden talents are discovered allowing career development quantum leaps potentials

Position your workforce carefully between “in house” Specialists to secure your Organisation core competence and “outsourced” Professionals for generic positions.

An essential part of Human Resources Development is to ensure that your Organisation core competence remains securely “in house” led by top performers motivated by an exciting career path. More generic positions can often be better performed by external third parties Services used on a need only basis. Our team can guide you in selecting Services within our trusted Asian network who have an in depth experience of your Industry