“Lean” and its derivatives value adding proven solutions like TPM and 6sigma have been influenced enormously during the past few years by the explosion of Information Technology and possible access to “real time” information. Especially in Asia a delicate balance between “Lean” driven continuous improvement, a laptop or smart phone “screen interface” and personal relationship has to be maintained to deliver ROI in a sustainable and culturally appropriate way. Our Specialists will be your guide

Lean transformation & Change Management

Understand the “lean way of thinking”, be progressively introduced to key lean tools and pre-select lean pilot area in your organization with the greater chance of success and measurable benefits.

Our approach is 100% tailor made following on elaborate discussion with Organization decision maker and key Staff. We recommend to our Client the creation of a “Lean or Change Manager” position reporting to a Corporate Steering Committee in order to internalise and take full ownership of the lean – change process.

< Flexible workplace > is as well high on our agenda giving progressively to relevant categories of employees the opportunity to work from anywhere using the appropriate communication Technology

Our lean transformation program guides you to obtain tangible improvements in speed, quality, and efficiency through managing the Change not rest to it.

It addresses the structure, skills of people, processes, and support systems simultaneously to achieve a sustainable level of operational excellence and continuous improvement

Expected result is a double-digit improvement across the entire scorecard

Lean Office

A “Lean Office” means that your office will not generate any waste in order to relentlessly increase “Value added” to Customer.

Customer means both internal (other Departments), and external who are buying our Products or Services.

Lean Office is using the same concept than Lean Manufacturing: eliminate unnecessary task in the working process, build up continuity of value and standard. Reduced working hours up to 30% (compared with initial process), increased flexibility, faster Service, increased throughput, strategic & day-to-day alignment

Business Continuity

Within the three phases of Business Continuity Management 1/ Crisis 2/ Contingency and 3/ Recovery our team are bringing:

  • Crisis Management Leaders with “hands on” Corporate & Entrepreneur Project experience in Asia Pacific: Assessment, Strategic road map, Planning & tactical implementation
  • Human Resources with Interim Management & Staff, Technical Experts, Coaching, Training, Staff relocation
  • Specialists from our Expert Partners platform in all aspects of Business Continuity including local or overseas relocation
  • Material and Equipment with local & International Procurement, rental, leasing
  • Logistic & coordination

In addition to above our Business Continuity strategy is to “integrate within” Lean Management techniques to eliminate waste, optimize workflow & implement a sustainably profitable culture.

When an unforeseen disaster is forcing us to “Change the way we are managing our Business”, let’s leverage on it as much as possible and come out of it in a stronger position.

Priority Management – Waste elimination

No matter how organised we are, there are always only 24 hours in a day. Time does not change. All we can actually manage is ourselves and what we do with the time that we have.

Through highly interactive tips we will assist your team in designing and using tailor made work-life priority Management tools to get more of what is important to them done in less time, both on and off the job.

Over 90% completion rate on identified business and personal objectives can be achieved!


Our specialized partner methodology, which is called TPM3 has evolved into an enhanced Australasian approach to applying the principles and practices of Total Productive Maintenance, Toyota Production System and Toyota Way

The key features of the TPM3 approach include

  • Using Cross-functional Teams to provide rapid returns on investment while laying the foundations for sustainability by breaking down barriers between departments
  • Using Area Based Teams to instil strong ownership to improvements and allow the rapid development of your people
  • Focusing on what frustrates your people to ensure rapid buy-in and support
  • Progressively engaging all personnel through formal On-going Improvement activities focused on Problem Solving, Visual Management and Prevention at Source so improvements are sustained;
  • Providing a significant positive impact on safety and morale resulting in a positive behaviour change of the whole workforce
  • Linking your strategically driven TPM & Lean improvement activities to an Australian formal qualification of Cert III or Cert IV in Competitive Systems and Practices so as to recognise the contribution from your personnel
  • Recognising the systemic nature of Total Productive Maintenance and Lean Production and thus take the mystery out of integrating all the principles, tools, and concepts

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a highly statistical and data driven approach to solving complex business problems. It uses a methodical five phase approach (DMAIC) to help you understand your process and the variables that affect it so that you can optimise your processes.

Six Sigma is the ultimate goal for any company that has a vision of unparalleled quality and capability and our top Experts will work along your team to get there


Many Organisations discover that the public perception of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and resulting Business Sustainability positively affect Sales. Because Customers, Business to Customer, Business to Business nowadays prefer brands that can demonstrate their sustainability credentials.

Lean approach can bring significant resources productivity improvements with considerable CSR and Sustainability implications