I am a SME Owner based in Asia who never took the time to look at my Business in a non biased way through the eyes of an experienced third party who can “breathe through the web”. Here I am in an innovative “retreat” where you will have to put your ego in the pocket, and get the opportunity rolling…

Being a Business coach myself I identified the gap between my existing website message written 5 years ago and my actual Business vision…What a shock!

  • Traditional way is describe your Services but the web rules are different. People want to know what is it you are selling that can help them so write Articles, Case studies to support you Services
  • Here you quickly start realising that you have actually done quite a few neat stuff but never leveraged on them in a way that can be leveraged through the web and Social Media
  • The web is all about sharing information and knowledge and become recognised on the market place
  • Most SME Owners like myself used my website as a Business card only because you “must” have a website…I never bothered about web generated lead conversion rates, active global networking and business development?
  • Refocus Business priorities considering above
  • SME Owner must feel comfortable being “squeezed” to communicate/clarify vision and objectives in a non face to face environment…discover what is not needed and stop doing it
  • ASEAN 2015 impact on above? regional identity needed with multi language plug-in
  • People do not know want they want until you show it to them! Steve Jobs

A web designer coach would then take over to convert Business vision onto a state of the art mobile website

  • Articles concept, Visual messages design
  • Define the rules based on Owner IT level (1 to 1 or assisted by somebody who will follow up details?)
  • Clear timeline and 3 hours cession attendance (start twice a week for 2 weeks then once a week until completion)
  • Work in remote Service
  • Think use of web service as a preliminary / complementary link to an empowering ERP giving customisable dashboard information and request for decision in real time on a tablet or smart phone!

Together with our Coach Web Courses Bangkok we enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to share this experience through this platform

For a Sustainable Profitability Transformation:

  • E-mail Lean Hub Asia with your Organization Vision challenges using only 3 bullet points!
  • Within 48 hours we will come back to you with schedule proposal for a Skype call or face to face discussion (we host a coffee)
  • Get then our preliminary assessment & road map overview within 3 working days 
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